National team teammate → PO key player…’Junior PO MVP’ Kim Young-gyu VS ‘Regular season hold king’ Park Young-hyun


The outcome of this season’s KBO League postseason (PS) was largely determined by bullpen battles. In the first game of the semi-playoff (PO) between NC Dinos and SSG Landers held on the 22nd, only 7 runs were scored in the 8th and 9th innings, and in the second game on the 23rd, the SSG bullpen collapsed in the 8th inning, and the game was tilted. 

There is a high possibility that the backdoor fight between the semi-PO winning team NC and the regular season 2nd place KT Wiz PO, which will be held starting on the 30th, will determine the outcome of the series. KT, which originally had a good starting lineup, ’20-win pitcher’ Eric Peddy returned, and young pitchers Shin Min-hyuk and Song Myung-ki, who gained confidence in the semi-PO, both NC had good enough power to not be defeated in the battle for momentum in the early stages of the game. 

There is a lot of interest in the set-up man battle, which acts as a link between the starting pitcher and the closing pitcher. This is about NC left-hander Kim Young-gyu (23) and KT right-hander Park Young-hyun (20). 

Kim Young-gyu became the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the semi-PO against SSG. This is a remarkable achievement considering that it is common for MVPs to come from starting pitchers or fielders whose performance is relatively easy to appeal. We can gauge how high Kim Young-gyu’s contribution to the team has been.

In fact, Kim Young-gyu recorded 1 win and 2 holds in the 3 games he appeared in, contributing to the team’s victory. He did not give up a run over 3 2/3 innings. They are continuing their ‘0 streak’ for 4 consecutive games, including a scoreless loss in the first game of the wild card decision held on the 19th. 

Kim Young-gyu was an unknown player who was drafted in the 2nd 8th round in 2018, but he debuted as a starting pitcher in 2019 (March 27 against Changwon KT Wiz), in his second year with the team, and became the winning pitcher by giving up 1 run in 6 innings. Although he was unable to settle down as a starting pitcher, he continued to play as a first-team player, and had his best season this season, playing 61 and two-thirds innings in 63 games and recording 24 holds. 

Park Young-hyun is the key player for KT. He is a second-year pitcher who debuted last season. As a prospect drafted in the first round, he was expected to be the next closing pitcher. KT coach Lee Kang-cheol also praised his talented pitching and gave him opportunities since his rookie year, and he used this season as a setup. Park Young-hyun appeared in 68 games and recorded 32 holds, ranking first in the league in this category. He also maintained an earned run average (2.75). 

Young-Hyun Park also made his fall baseball debut by pitching in four semi-playoff (PO) games against the Kiwoom Heroes last season. Above all, he experienced an international competition as a member of the baseball team at the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG), which ended on the 8th, and even experienced a stage with greater pressure. At that time, Park Young-hyun showed his potential to become the ‘next-generation national team closer’ by stepping into a situation where he could save instead of Go Woo-seok (LG Twins), who was recognized as the active number one. He also contributed to Korea’s gold medal win. 토토사이트

Kim Young-gyu also played as a member of Hangzhou AG. The two setup men who collaborated for the gold medal met on the way to the Korean Series (KS). Kim Young-gyu already has experience winning in 2020. Park Young-hyun was nominated in the year that KT won the combined championship (2021). To win his first personal victory, he must overcome NC. He is a key player himself. 

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