“One goal and one help” Choi Yu-ri says on the European stage, “The more bumpy environment, I can help women’s soccer.”


“We have to hit more to help women’s soccer.”

Striker Choi Yu-ri (Birmingham City) made an excellent performance with one goal and one assist in a friendly exhibition match against the Philippines held at Icheon Sports Complex on Sunday. She helped Choo Hyo-joo score the first goal just 27 seconds after kickoff, and Choi Yu-ri, who received Kang Chae-rim’s ground ball cross at the gate in the 32nd minute of the first half, turned only and hit the goal.

Having achieved her dream of playing overseas ahead of this season, Choi has many experiences in Birmingham City. “Playing against players under strong pressure, I had to make a faster choice. I’m having more fun training,” she said.

“I came abroad at a late age. I hope young players come to experience this environment soon. In order to play stronger soccer, I think we need to bump into each other more to help women’s soccer,” he said.

Coach Colin Bell is taking on assignments to “generational change” this season. He says a system should be in place for young players under 17 to play in the WK League’s adult league.

Choi Yu-ri also said, “Young players abroad are fearless and full of spirit. There may be differences in culture, but I think that as I have come into contact with adult players since I was young, I can adapt a little faster and come up to a better level.”

He added, “There is a story of generational change, but we need to learn more and follow what we can learn from our sisters.”

Women’s soccer has no official competition until the 2026 Asian Cup. If they win a ticket to the finals at the Asian Cup, the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup is waiting. Choi Yu-ri said, “We should not be loose just because there are no big competitions. We need to make more of our own colors. We are trying harder to do that.” 업소알바

Based on her experience overseas despite her short work experience, Choi did not lag behind the physically good Philippines. She shot stronger and more aggressively. “I tried to score faster in the second round, but I was disappointed that I was able to make a decision in the second half,” Choi said of the heart ceremony with a smile.

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