Bel-ho, who left behind consecutive wins, calls for growth amid victory over the Philippines


The Korean women’s national soccer team recorded another success under coach Colin Bell’s tactics with victory in two consecutive matches against the Philippines. However, Bell expressed his satisfaction and regret at the same time as calling for a system improvement for the further growth of the Korean women’s soccer team.

South Korea won 2-1 in its second friendly match against the Philippines, which was held at Icheon Stadium in Gyeonggi Province on the 8th. With this, the national team, led by Bell, achieved consecutive wins following its 3-0 victory on the 5th. In particular, Choi Yu-ri’s performance was remarkable, contributing greatly to the team’s victory.

After the game, Bell said, “I’m satisfied with the performance this evening, but I’m sorry about the result,” adding, “This game was a performance that could have been won 7-0 or 8-0.” In addition, he pointed out that free kicks were allowed through passive play during the game and led to a loss, adding that soccer eventually decides everything by scoring.

Bell, who pushed for this warm-up match against the Philippines with the aim of generational change, expressed regret that he did not give more opportunities to young players due to the Philippines’ active play after the loss. In addition, he stressed that there should be an environment in which players aged 16 and 17 can get more opportunities in the WK League.

Bell said she will faithfully serve as an advisor to age leaders and provide analysis data to the association during her term until the end of this year. “The most important thing is to create a strong and competitive national team,” she said, expressing her commitment to the development of Korean women’s soccer.

Meanwhile, Philippine national team coach Torcaso Mark Gabriele expressed his willingness to use his experience from the match against South Korea in preparation for the next World Cup, aiming to strengthen harmony and organization among the players. 룸알바

Despite the consecutive wins of the Korean women’s soccer team, Bell’s regret and demand for system improvement are expected to serve as an opportunity for the Korean women’s soccer team to take a bigger leap forward.

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