“Replacement due to deterioration of condition” Lotte Barnes, 2⅓ innings 4 runs strong… Han Hyun-hee’s early input also failed


Lotte left-handed pitcher Charlie Barnes went down the mound without even filling 3 innings. Lotte sent Han Hyun-hee as the second pitcher without delay.

Barnes started the game against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 24th, but was replaced after not completing 3 innings. 2⅓ innings, 4 runs. However, it was not a replacement based on the number of pitches or the content of the game. Lotte explained that the replacement timing was early due to poor condition.

Before the replacement, Barnes recorded 5 hits, 2 walks and 1 strikeout in 2⅓ innings. He got three consecutive hits after two outs in the second inning, and the runs increased as the third of these hits became a three-run home run. In the third inning, he gave up a walk to first batter Moon Seong-joo and caught Kim Hyun-soo on a ground ball to second baseman.

And pitching coach Bae Young-soo headed to the mound to check Barnes’ condition. Barnes went down and Han Hyun-hee came up on the mound. Barnes threw 44 pitches before going down. He threw 13 two-seam fastballs, 17 sliders, 8 changeups, and 6 four-seam fastballs.

An official from the Lotte club explained, “It was not an injury, but it was replaced due to poor performance due to physical condition.” Hyeon-hee Han, who took the mound with 1 company and 1st base, caught Austin Dean with a floating ball in right field and put out the fire in a hurry.

However, after two outs, Park Dong-won walked out,토토사이트 and then both runners were in scoring position with a wild throw, and Moon Bo-kyung allowed 2 RBIs in a timely manner. Barnes’s runs increased to 4 points. Han Hyun-hee was beaten in ⅓ innings after giving a timely hit to Kim Min-seong. Lotte is leading 0-6 with the bottom of the 3rd inning underway.

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