“Saving → Selection” Lopez, ERA 0.70, “Aces, not 5 Selection.”


Although Reynaldo Lopez (30, Atlanta Braves), who signed a relatively low salary early in the season and switched from relief to starting, is performing amazingly.

Atlanta played a home game against the Miami Marlins at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 25th (Korean time).

On this day, Atlanta won 4-3 after a close game of extra time. Michael Harris II hit a walk-off hit in the 10th inning of extra time, although the score was tied 3-3.

Lopez, who started as a starter for Atlanta, did not win in the ninth inning with Raissel Iglesias’ blon save, but continued his excellent pitching.

Lopez threw 82 pitches (55 strikes) during the seven innings, allowing three hits and one run. While giving up two walks, he struck out six.

Lopez had an ERA of 0.72 so far. The figure is up from the previous 0.50. However, since the previous figure was too low, a complete one-run shot will inevitably increase.

Lopez pitched six innings and one run against the Chicago White Sox on the 3rd, the first game of the season, and then flew six scoreless innings against the New York Mets on the 10th.
In addition, Lopez won his second win of the season with six scoreless innings against the Houston Astros on the 17th, and on the same day, he also achieved four consecutive quality stars with one run in six innings.

Lopez threw a four-seam fastball that reached a maximum of 98.1 miles on the day. He also recorded a maximum of 97.1 miles in the sixth inning, his last innings.

Lopez, who has switched to relief since 2019, is doing well to maintain his ball speed, which is the most worrisome part when he says he will start again. 먹튀검증

Lopez, who transitioned from relief to starting and was rated the fifth starter on the team. However, Lopez currently serves as the ace on the Atlanta mound where Spencer Strider is out for the season.

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