Two MLB bench cleanings in one inning… A ball that fits the body, ‘nervous warfare’


The Tampa Bay Rays of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) are very nervous when they meet the New York Yankees. They faced each other in 13 games this season, because Tampa Bay batters were hit by pitches thrown by Yankees pitchers 12 times. On the other hand, the Tampa Bay pitching staff hit the Yankees batters only twice.

In the confrontation between Tampa Bay and Yankees held on the 28th (Korean time), bench clearing was produced twice in one inning. It’s because the ball hits the body.바카라

The game was held at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. In the bottom of the 8th inning against Tampa Bay, lead batter Randy Arozarena was hit in the side by a ball thrown by Yankees pitcher Albert Abreu. Arozarena was also hit by a ball thrown by Abreu in a match last May. The two engaged in a battle of nerves, and players from both teams rushed to the ground. 1st bench clearing. Afterwards, Arozarena succeeded in stealing the second and third bases in a row. However, after the third base was stolen, the second bench clearing occurred. Arozarena and Abreu argued again and players from both teams ran back to the ground. Fortunately, the two bench clearings were organized without physical conflict. Tampa Bay was hit by balls thrown by Yankees pitchers four times that day, but won 7-4.

Immediately after the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone insisted, “I understand the dissatisfaction of the Tampa Bay batters who were hit by pitches,” but insisted, “But it was absolutely not intentional.”

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