“Winning game against Real was robbed”…An angry MF insulted the referee → 12 games, facing disciplinary action


Angered by the 10-minute decision in Real Madrid’s favor against Almeria, the Almeria midfielder is on the verge of being suspended for up to 12 games on charges of insulting the referee.

Spain’s Mundo Deportivo said on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), “The Technical Committee of Trial (CTA) has officially referred Almeria midfielder Gonzalo Melero to the disciplinary committee,” adding, “Melero, who was angry about the referee’s decision after the match against Real, could be suspended for at least four games and up to 12 games according to regulations.”

The reason why Melero is angry is because of the recent referee scandal against Real-Almeria, which has caused a stir in the Spanish soccer community.

Real won 3-2 against Almeria in the 21st round of La Liga in the 2023-24 season at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain, on the 22nd. Real, which was dragged after giving up two runs in the first half, scored three goals in the second half to turn the game around.

There is no problem in terms of the results, but it was the referee’s decision that caused the controversy. Three decisions were made in Real’s favor in the 10 minutes, and Real, which was trailing 0-2, scored two goals in the 10 minutes to bring the game back to square one. The game was completely reversed, and controversy grew as Real won the game from behind.

Almeria defender Khayki Fernandezs handball foul was declared in the scene of Reals attack at the 12th minute when the team was losing 0-2. However, Real Madrid`s Antonio Rudiger and Hosselu should have been declared a foul by taking foul action. However, the referee declared a penalty kick after VAR, and Jude Bellingham scored a chase goal.

After the controversial score, Almeria sealed the victory. Sergio Arrivas scored the third goal in the 16th minute of the second half with a neat left-footed shot that wrapped up the counterattack. However, the referee cancelled the score after the VAR. When Almeria started the attack, it was ruled that Dion Lofti fouled Bellingham by hitting him in the face with his hand.

Then, Vinicius Junior’s score in the 25th minute of the second half was controversial. Vinicius finished a cross that came up wide from the right side to tie the score, but a handball foul was declared and the score was cancelled. However, the referee cancelled Vinicius’s handball foul after VAR and admitted it as a goal. In just 10 minutes, three decisions poured in against Almeria.

Last-place Almeria had no choice but to react sensitively because if they beat Real, they could close the gap with 19th-place Granada to two points. 월카지노주소

“We leave the game feeling robbed. Penalties, handmade goals, and our goals were not allowed to compete. Many people say it should be the best league in the world towards La Liga, but it is light years away from the Premier League. This is the reality,” Melero fumed after the match.

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