After losing consecutive games, Jeju jumped 7th and won in front of 10,000 spectators…Best Children’s Day to Break to Daegu Jinx


It was the best Children’s Day.

Jeju United won 1-0 in the 11th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Daegu FC at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 6th.

Having lost four games in a row earlier, Jeju ended its losing streak, and secured 13 points to leap to seventh. The gap with fourth-ranked Gangwon FC (15 points) is only two points. The team effectively created a structure in which the team competes in the same group.

Recently, Jeju faced a difficult trend. Lim Chae-min, Choi Young-joon, Yeon Je-woon, Jin Seong-wook, Kim Gun-woong, and Zegal Jemin have all been sidelined due to injury, and have not been able to complete their best efforts. The reason for the losing streak was that he collapsed around the same time. “I don’t know why I got hurt at the same time. I have a lot of worries,” coach Kim Hak-beom sighed.

Contrary to Kim’s concern that the team formed a lineup by emptying its coffers, Jeju Island displayed strong attack capability. He attempted 17 shots in 90 minutes. The number far exceeded the average of 11.5 shots in the previous 10 games. He failed to score multiple goals due to lack of luck in goal, such as hitting the post and being blocked by goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon, but the score was enough to give him a pass in terms of the details of the game.

It was also encouraging to win the game in front of 10,33 spectators. Jeju prepared many events to celebrate Children’s Day. Literally, it was a festive mood. “I hoped the game would be held on Children’s Day, but it could have been a big trouble if the game had been played due to heavy rain yesterday,” said Kim Hyun-hee, head of the Jeju team, before the game. “Playing today is a stroke of the gods.” If Jeju loses five consecutive games in front of the largest number of spectators this season, the mood in Jeju could deteriorate significantly. However, the team garnered good results both in terms of content and results. 토토사이트

It is also a harvest to break the Daegu jinx. Jeju has not beaten Daegu since the 2021 season. It has met six times in the past two years and suffered three draws and three losses. Jeju, which erased its jinx by winning its first showdown this season, will gain confidence in future showdowns as well.

“It was a difficult situation, but our players overcame it well. Thank you. The players must have thought about it, too. I could have lost confidence, but I think I will shake it off through today. If I show this in front of 10,000 spectators, I think more spectators will come. I will improve one by one and show good performance,” Kim said.

Coach Kim said, “I did not reach my goal. I aimed to win five games in every round. I will prepare better for my fifth win in the next round.”

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